7 Reasons to Take Your Friends Paddleboarding


Paddleboarding works out every part of your body. It is an outdoor activity that you can enjoy with family and friends. All you need is a paddleboard, your body, a body of water and of course, your friends. If you are not yet convinced that you need to take your friends on a water adventure, here are 7 reasons you should consider it today.

Lets Everyone Stretch Their Legs

We bet you and most of your friends have been leading a sedentary lifestyle. It may be the time you stretched your legs together. Paddleboarding can be a great exercise after a full week of busy schedules. 

Getting up enables the blood to circulate the whole body while ensuring that the heart is sturdier. Some of your friends will also benefit from muscle rehabilitation, gradually increasing strength as they work out regularly. If any one of them has been sitting for extended periods, the activity is low-impact cardio that will also strengthen their back muscles so that they are able to sit upright.

Give Everyone a Dose of Vitamin C

We get that most of you have been indoors all week long. If your friends work in offices, they will likely not get any sunshine during the day as they rarely move out. The activity is a good chance for your friends to get a healthy dose of vitamin D and fresh air. Vitamin B is crucial for regulating phosphorus and calcium to ensure that the body is sturdier. The skin synthesizes it with the help of sunlight. Get your friends out to get the sunlight and remind them to wear sunscreen too.

A Great Way to Release Stress

The environment is a great way to distress and enhances mental health after a week of highly stressful work. Your friends and yourself can use this moment to distress. The environment around most bodies of water is serene, cool and inviting. By spending time out of the normal working locations and doing something different from what they are accustomed to, your friends will leave the location feeling fresh, happier and more energized.

Besides, engaging in relaxing activities leads to the release of endorphins and serotonins that improve the general mood and enhance general mental well-being. When this is done outdoors, there is an added benefit of peace of mind and general warmth.

It is a Great Balance-Enhancing Activity

Have you ever tried to stand with one leg like a flamingo but could not last more than a few seconds? It is a sign that your body is not balanced. People who rarely work out or sit for long gradually lose their body balance. However, you can lead your friends to a body-balancing activity and strengthen joints in their lower extremities.

Doing this activity regularly helps enhance joint support and achieve stability. All they need to do is head to Cotswold Outdoor to get quality outdoor apparel and they are good to start working their legs. It will also be fun to find a few tripping over as they try to find their center.

It is a Great Way to Socialize

There is no better way to socialize than do activities together. Paddleboarding can be done on the same board or each having their own as they go out into the water. There can also be fun competitions among your friends. While doing these, you chat, open up and have a good time together.

Socialization is a great way to enhance relationships, get to understand each other and sort out differences amongst yourselves. Getting a paddleboard will offer double the benefits of working out the body as everyone enjoy the company of others. 

It is Versatile

Unlike other activities with a single experience, heading to the river or the body of water offers several of them, enhancing your general welfare. You can undertake the activity while fishing in your nearby river, enjoying the cool breeze at a warm weekend. You may even combine it with a little swimming or other beach games. The varied experiences of participating in the game make it ideal for everyone, as each will get a part of the experience they desire.

Paddleboards are Great Investments

Paddleboards cost anything between $700 and $1800. They are made of high-quality, long-lasting materials. A good board should last years with a consistent performance every time you hit the water. If you are looking for watersports gear that will keep giving back years down the line, this is one of the few in the market. There is also a huge market for used boards out there. Most people sell their used boards for more than half the price they bought after years of regular use as long as they are in good shape.

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