6 secrets to Achieving Thicker And Fuller Sew-in Braids


Braiding hair is a fast and cost-effective method of creating a beautiful, glamorous look. This hairstyle can transform your looks and improve the texture of natural hair, especially coarse textures and thinning hair conditions. An attractive weave can also help to boost your confidence as it makes you appear youthful and vibrant.

Right now, one of the most sought-after braiding trends among African American women is getting sew-ins with natural hair. Sew-ins are popular; they are fast, come with various designs and styles, and don’t require brushing hair to achieve the look. With sew-ins, you manage your hair.

Picking the right braiding pattern for your hair is the first step in achieving shrink-free sew-in braids. If the pattern is wrong, chances are you’ll end up with a hairdo that is not only an eyesore but of very little use to you now or in the future. In this article, we will be revealing 6 secrets to achieving thicker, full sew-in braids. Use these tips to get professional-looking braids every time.

Avoid smooth braiding hair.

Smooth braiding hair is great for cornrows because it lays flat against the scalp, but it’s not good for sew-in braids because it’s too slippery and doesn’t hold well. Instead, choose a textured braid with some grip and friction so it won’t slip out of your hands or unravel after sewn into the client’s hair.

Braid as tight as possible

There are two ways to achieve thicker braids: using a bigger needle and braiding as tight as possible.

The first step is to get a good quality hair extension. The bigger the needle, the more hair can be loaded at a time.

The second step is to make sure you braid as tight as possible. If your braids are loose, they will not look thick and full.

The third step is to use oil on your scalp after washing your hair. This will help maintain healthy hair growth and prevent breakage while braiding your hair.

The fourth step is to use an elastic band or rubber band at the end of each braid to tighten them further (this will help with maintenance).

Apply a holding spray

Before you start braiding, use a holding spray on your natural hair. This will help keep your braids in place after they are done. It will also prevent them from sliding around too much once you have finished styling your hair.

Holding sprays help keep your hair in place longer and prevents frizzing. Apply it before putting on your wigs or weave, then brush the product through your hair with a paddle to ensure the spray is evenly distributed throughout your braid.

Use a braid sealant on your edges.

You can achieve thicker braids by using a braid sealant on your edges. A braid sealant is a product or tool that keeps your braids from shedding, which makes them thicker and fuller.

A braid sealant is an essential tool for achieving thick braided hairstyles. It helps to keep your edges from shedding and keep the braids tight. If you have thin edges and want fuller-looking braids, I recommend using a good braid sealant on your hairline before you start braiding.

There are many different types of braid sealants out there, but my personal favorite is called “Shine Serum.” It’s a clear gel that contains no alcohol or silicone. It’s also very affordable!

Opt for 100% Human Hair Extensions

Sew-ins come in two main types: synthetic and human hair. Synthetic hair is cheaper but often looks artificial and may tangle more easily than human hair. Human hair extensions are more expensive, but they look much more natural, and don’t tangle as easily as synthetic ones. If you’re planning on getting sew-ins every month, it might be worth investing in some real human curly hair extensions instead of synthetic ones.

Choose the right weave hair pattern for you.

The first step to achieving a thick and full sew-in braid is choosing the right weave hair pattern for your hair type. Many different types of natural hair weaves are available on the market today. If you have fine or thinning hair, you will want to avoid using synthetic weaves as they will only make your hair appear thinner and more fragile.

If you choose a weave hair pattern that is too heavy, it will weigh down your natural hair, preventing it from growing as fast as possible. The best thing for your natural hair is to choose a light weave hair pattern so it can grow fast at its natural growth rate.


Sew-in braids are a great way to grow your natural hair, but they can be quite expensive. Braiding hairstyle like lemonade braids help you to protect your hair as it gives your protective hairstyles.

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