6 Must-Ask Questions For Building A Strong Wardrobe


It’s not an easy one for me to answer without knowing about you, your lifestyle, your place of residence and your preferences, as well as your personal characteristics. In lieu of being able to provide you with a perfect answer that’s wrapped in a bag with a bow, I’m going to offer you a few questions to think about and consider. Ideally, consider these using an eraser and a piece of paper.

What Does Minimalism Feel Like To You? Does It Feel Good Or Is It Restricting?

For certain people, minimalism feels liberating and wonderful, but for others, it’s as if you’ve pushed yourself into an insufficient space and are a bit dissatisfied with your fashion and lack of choices. This is why I’ve written more on this topic here.

What Types Of Clothes Do Appeal To You The Most, Wearing? What Are Your Favourite Clothes, And How Do You Feel When Wearing The Clothes?

If you were to look through your favourite clothes or outfits in your beautiful affordable wardrobes. What do we represent? What would you say about them? What degree of refinement do we possess? What features do we feature in our designs? What is it that makes the clothes and clothes you like? What is it that makes them work for you?

What’s Your Lifestyle And Your Location? What Works In These Areas Of Your Style? And In Your Current Outfit?

Where are you located? What type of clothing is typically worn in your area? What are the conditions like? Are there different seasons, or are they milder? What kind of clothing are you looking for in relation to the climate? Do you require layers? How can that benefit you?

What’s Lacking In Your Wardrobe? In Which Area Do You Feel You Don’t Have The Things You Require?

If you are trying to dress for every occasion and role in your daily life, What are the places you have to struggle with? Do you ever consider “I would like to have an XXXXX” and realise that you’re lacking in the wardrobe?

What areas of your daily life do you think you’re lacking the clothes and outfits you need, and you’re struggling to dress in a manner that reflects your personal style?

Of The 5 Pieces, You Adore That You Consider Flattering, What Is It You Like About Them? Fabric, Fit, Colour, Pattern, Details Etc.

Find the details of the items you wear and love, and take note of everything you can about them. Is there something that all of them have in common, whether in their physical appearance or how they affect you in them?

How Do You Use This Information To Look For Other Clothing That Fits Your Lifestyle And Style?

Make yourself a Style recipe from this article (lots of tips to assist you in this in these articles).

Once you’ve got an idea of what you require and what you like, it’s time to consider what you’d like to have and take a look at the items from Pinterest as you see the information you’ve seen matches the things you’ve been saving to your board.


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