5G and IOT Certification Courses – Basics

5G Technology

The Post Graduate Certificate in 5G Technology and IoT course will help you gain a thorough knowledge of the principles of communications technology as they apply to third-generation (3G) partnership project’s fifth-generation (5G) wireless communication (3GPP). 

You’ll study optical communication for IoT applications, mining approaches for the IoT and smart cities, 5G issues for software-defined radios, and cutting-edge signal processing features like sparse recovery and compressive sensing while concentrating on essential aspects of 5G and beyond.

With the help of electronics courses, learn more about 5G technology and how it is transforming our daily lives both professionally and personally to improve your skills. Discover how 5G is transforming businesses and start to fathom how 5G can support your company by assisting you in meeting your ever-evolving requirements.

Why should you study 5G and IOT Certification courses?

  1. You will get a 5G education from Qualcomm Technologies experts, which is a global leader in wireless communications and 5G technology.
  2. You will obtain a completion certificate bearing the Qualcomm brand, which could aid in landing your future promotion at work or a new and better employment opportunity.
  3. You will be familiar with 5G technology, the countless opportunities it presents, and how you can use it to improve business or organisational strategies.

What will you learn in 5G and IOT Certification courses?

  1. Acquire knowledge of Massive MIMO and how it affects wireless technologies.
  2. A description of cellular and wireless communications.
  3. Talk about the mmWave and 5G spectrum.
  4. An explanation of the 5G NR vision.
  5. Go over how the 5G radio access network has changed (RAN).
  6. A summary of 5G security.
  7. Examine industrial IoT and 5G private networks.
  8. An overview of the characteristics and networks of 5G.

What will you learn from this course?

  1. Gain knowledge about the technologies, such as RAN, Massive MIMO, mmWave, and others, that make 5G possible.
  2. Understand the fundamentals of 5G so you may develop in the fast-expanding area of wireless technology and enhance your wireless education.
  3. Learn in-depth about how 5G is changing how we conduct business in the coming years.
  4. Study how businesses may alter the way they run on a regular basis by utilising 5G Private Networks and Industrial IoT.

What are the skills that you will gain after the completion of this course?

  1. The MIMO Systems
  2. the basics of contemporary wireless communication
  3. utilising Python for data mining
  4. Detecting anomalies
  5. modern data mining methods


Individuals in the communication sector who wish to comprehend the numerous facets of cutting-edge communication systems and gain the software and hardware expertise required to implement them should enrol in this course. Through case studies, you will gain experience and in-demand talents while developing crucial technical knowledge with the guidance and advice of knowledgeable teachers.

This course represents the conclusion of industrial training, communication and signal processing research in the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

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