5 Ways To Wear Bespoke Tuxedos To Look More Stylish


Unlike in the past, a lot of men are now shifting their focus to bespoke tuxedos because of the benefits that come with investing in them. In case you don’t know, opting for bespoke garments allows you to choose the style and fabric that you want. That aside, going for a custom suit also allows you to get a perfect-fit tuxedo.

Do you have a couple of bespoke men’s suits but don’t know the best ways to wear them to look stylish? If yes, you need not stress yourself too much about it. In the rest of this guide, you’ll discover 5 ways to wear Kamran Bespoke tuxedos to look more stylish. So, read on!

Here’s what you need to know about bespoke tuxedos and styles

Before going ahead to discuss the tips on how to wear bespoke tuxedos, let’s quickly talk about what these outfits are, including their different styles.

The definition

So, what exactly are custom tuxedos?

In simple terms, custom tuxedos are suited outfits designed and customized specifically for formal events, such as weddings. This suit style is not a new concept. It has been around for many years. Tuxedos became very popular in England as the ideal suit for formal events in the nineteenth century.

Lapel styles for custom tuxedos

Now, let’s talk about lapel styles for custom tuxedos. Generally, there are three major lapel styles of tuxedos. They include:

  • Notch lapels
  • Shawl lapels
  • Peak lapels

Notch lapel tuxedo

Notch lapel tuxedos are custom tuxedos that feature a “notch” at the exact point, where the lapel and the collar of a specific suit coat meet. These tuxedo styles are very versatile and can be worn for different purposes. However, they’re ideal for casual events.

Shawl lapel tuxedo

Unlike notch lapels, shawl lapel tuxedos are unique because they feature rounded, swooped edges. This style looks almost like wearing a shawl around the neck. Shawl lapel tuxedos are ideal for semi-formal events.

Peak lapel tuxedo

The “lapel” of a peaked lapel tuxedo, as they approach the collar of the suit, always widens like the letter “V”. This style is perfect for all kinds of formal events, such as weddings.

5 ways to wear your bespoke tuxedos

Here’s a frequently asked question; what is the best way to wear bespoke tuxedos to look more stylish? The answer you need is down below:

1. Start by wearing your undergarments

Tuxedos are never complete without your undergarment. So, to wear your custom tuxedos the right way, you need to start with the undergarments and socks.

When picking the right undergarments and socks, you need to factor in the color of the tuxedos you’re looking to wear. For instance, if the tuxedo is black, it’ll make a lot of sense if you go for black socks.

2. Wear your shirt & cuffs

After wearing your undergarments, the next thing to do is to put on your shirt. White dress shirts are perfect for almost any type of tuxedos. If you want to go for other dress shirt colors, ensure to pick one that suits your bespoke tuxedo.

After putting on your dress shirt, what’s next is to wear your studs and cuffs the right way. Also, choosing the right cuffs matters here too.

3. Go for the trouser

So far, you have already put on your undergarments, socks, dress shirt, and cuffs. Now, you need to go for your trousers. With the right designer, such as Kamran Bespoke, you should have perfectly designed tuxedo trousers. Next, you need to put on the trousers and tuck your dress shirt into it, appropriately.

4. Use your cummerbund & jacket appropriately

Unlike custom Italian suits, most custom tuxedos only come with an option to add a cummerbund. Trousers usually come with side adjusters instead of belt loops. At Kamran Bespoke, trousers also have built in suspender buttons within the waistband to wear suspenders. 

Lastly, the tuxedo jacket remains. Like the tuxedo itself, tuxedo jackets are also available in different styles. Just make sure you seek guidance from your designer before opting for the right jacket style.

5. Shoes & pocket square

The last part of wearing bespoke tuxedos the right way involves putting on the right shoes and pocket square. In this case, you need to factor in the color of your suit. For a black suit, you can always go for a pair of black patent leather shoes. With velvet jackets becoming popular, suede loafers are also becoming a popular option. After that, you can use the appropriate pocket square based on the type of event you’re attending.

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