5 Practical Ways On How To Get More Views On Facebook Videos


Facebook is a social media platform that almost 2.2 billion users use monthly, and around 120 million hours of videos are watched on Facebook. It is considered one of the best platforms for business engagement or to connect with family or friends. However, some people struggle to get more views on their content on FB pages, and they seek to search for ideas on how to increase views.

It was first established in 2004, and since then, it has been evolving rapidly. The developers of this platform are upgrading their algorithm, making it a tree for business users to adapt quickly. Their algorithm decides how many views you can get organically on Facebook. 

Tips to increase views on Facebook

  1. Tell an emotional story to your viewers – Every person has their own story of struggle. All you need to do is tell an emotional story with the correct blended values. This is one of the fundamentals used by many content creators because people often love to see the struggle of others, and this will ultimately help you produce many views on Facebook. A few tips are mentioned on how to post more exciting and engaging content on the social media platform.
  • Address your audience’s pain points
  • Appeal to your audience’s Basic Instinct
  • Use new row copywriting techniques
  • Add some factor that people will see and say, wow
  • Tell them something exciting and memorable
  • 2. Create shareable content – One of the most common strategies that many social media platform users use is making content that people love to share. For example, make content like educational videos, breaking news, cooking, baking, and awareness videos. Many people like these types of content and love to share them with others so they can learn the above things. Some tactics are given below on how to make shareable content.
  • Make content short and sweet.
  • Make it relevant to the topic.
  • Do not promote yourself in the video
  • Research about topics that your user like
  • Validate your audience’s opinion
  • Appeal to your audience’s values
  • 3. Amplify content with Facebook advertisement – Ads can be a convenient solution to grow your business because ads will help you reach with different people who are not in your audience. However, it might be a little bit when you consume because Facebook does not advertise for anyone for free. Instead, they charge a few bucks to make your content more visible end increase the reach and visibility of your content in many areas. 

The free giveaway can be the best option for you to increase the reachability of your content. You can post an advertisement related to that you are providing a free giveaway for your viewers. People always love to see free items whether it does not cost much. This tactic might be beneficial for you to engage with people from different regions.

4. Use caption on your videos – Sometimes your content is on an excellent level, but still, you cannot generate a decent amount of views on your video. This is because many people cannot understand the language you are using, but the information you have given might be very efficient for them. So using closed caption videos might help you to overcome this problem. 

Uploading captions on videos helps everyone understand the video because captions are written down script that appears below the video when someone is watching it. It can be in any language as Facebook generates automatic captions for their user. For example, if you are from Brazil and your language is Brazilian, the information is necessary for the whole world. Therefore, captions can be the best way to buy Facebook views organically. 

5. Make the title very short and attention-grabbing – It is vital for content created to understand that a short and sweet title is required to attract many users. People perform around 2 billion searches daily. So if you need to optimize your post, you must create a short and attention-grabbing title. In addition, make sure that you must use exciting words and words that are easy to search. 

The title must be relevant to the topic, or you can also use keywords that might help you to search for specific content; below are a few tips for creating exciting titles.

  • Make it clear what your video is about
  • Keep it short and relevant, as the title or clipped for about 30 characters only.
  • Make sure to search for essential keywords and apply them to your title.

The rising demand for business on social media platforms has made it very hard for content creators to generate decent views on their videos. So sometimes, it leads content creators to buy Facebook video views. This might be an easy option to increase views, but it is not a long-term solution for your videos. Your content must be good, and you should work hard on your editing skills to generate views organically.

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