5 Most Common Sports Injuries and How to Deal With Them

sports injuries

The risk of injury is a constant fear of many while playing a sport, both casually or professionally. In every professional game, there is always a medical team to treat any wounds and injuries that might occur while playing, and almost every outdoor game has a risk of injuries.

Sports like basketball, football, hockey, and other major games are more likely to cause minor and major injuries, so it is also necessary to play by the rule books. In this article, we will look at some of the most common sports injuries you might face and how you can provide the injured with immediate aid.

Muscle Sprain:

Muscle Sprains are the most common type of injury you may witness on a field. Every major sport that requires intense physical movement has the risk of getting you a muscle sprain. Various muscles on our body can come under the range of sprain depending upon the movement, like thighs, back, shoulder, wrist, bicep, and many others.

One of the most common methods to avoid sprains is stretching and warming up before proceeding to the game. You must stretch properly before any game to minimize the risk of sprains. If you face a sprain, you should proceed by laying down in the most comfortable position at that moment and then slowly moving the sprained part. You can also apply warm water press on the muscle later to fasten its recovery.

Shinbone Pain:

Shinbone Pain is also a problem that many sports persons may face, and its effects stay longer than any other injury. The pain in the shinbone is caused by the inflammation of the muscles around it. People playing sports like football, rugby, and tennis are more likely to face this problem.

By wearing a shin guard, you can reduce the chances of getting an injury on the shinbone. It can also originate from wearing improper shoes. If you are already facing shinbone pain, then you can start by taking anti-inflammation and using rapid cold and hot water on the shinbone.

Tennis Elbow:

As the name suggests, Tennis elbow is most common in people who play sports involving a lot of hand and elbow movement. Players of sports like tennis, badminton, cricket, and hockey are more prone to this injury. It is generally caused due to muscle inflammation, and if not treated soon, it might also cause serious damage to hand movement.

You can treat the basic stages of tennis elbow by properly stretching, taking anti-inflammation, and consulting a physio-therapist such as Darlinghurst Physio. However, if the pain doesn’t decrease with time, it is advised to get it checked by a doctor as soon as possible.

Runner’s Knee:

A runner’s knee is another common injury you might face on a field. Usually, football players and professional runners face this problem. It is characterized by intense pain in the knee and can also be caused due to a knee sprain.

Improper shoes and off-track running mainly cause the Runner’s knee. You must keep changing the insoles of your shoes at regular intervals and wear a shoe that fits your sport type. If you are suffering from a runner’s knee, it is best to take anti-inflammation medicine and rest until it gets completely healed. You can also consult an orthopedic for help.

Dislocated Joints:

Dislocated Joints are one of the most serious injuries caused during a sport, and it happens in a matter of seconds, and if not treated soon, they can leave a long-term effect. The dislocation is generally caused in the shoulder, knee, elbow, and ankle joints. Sports involving rapid movement and a lot of physical contact are more prone to cause dislocation. 

Treating a dislocation requires professional help, and although it may seem simple, it may cause intense pain if not treated properly. 

It is best to rush to an orthopedist or a physiotherapist as soon as possible.

Wrapping Up

The passion and love of some people toward their sport is never-ending, but it is also necessary that we take proper care of ourselves and others as well. Injuries during sports are very common, and most of them can be avoided by playing, following the rules, and maintaining safe discipline. It would help if you always have a first-aid box nearby when you are playing a game involving physical contact and always ensure that you stretch properly before the beginning of a game.


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