4 Prevailing Innovation Trends in the Beverage Industry 2022

Beverage Industry

The beverage industry is enormous. If you walk into a supermarket today, you will soon realize numerous options. Companies are putting a lot of effort into innovation. They want to do unique things to attract customers. A variety of beverages are available on the shelves of supermarkets. 

Especially with the massive competition in the market today, everyone’s focus is on the beverage innovation industryBeverage technology scaleups and startups are growing beyond our imagination. 

Here are some trends that will take full swing in the beverage industry in 2022. 

Trend Number 1: Clear Expansion of Functional Beverages

There was a time when people were crazy about “kombucha frenzy” and “empty calories.” Many people wanted only to drink those beverages that did not have additional added sugars and calories for a few years back. 

Many customers were very particular about that aspect and picked only those drinks that followed that trend. But, things have changed drastically today. People are not only preferring drinks with no sugars or calories but also expect the beverages to contain additional nutritional values in them.

Consumers want to pick those drinks that have health benefits. They do want to be guilt-free when they choose anything from the shelves in the supermarket. All of this started mainly after the pandemic coronavirus hit the world. 

People have become more health-conscious these days than in the days past. They are more careful when it comes to food habits. 

Most customers are not interested in picking any unhealthy drinks in the market. They are more concerned and do their best to pick beverages that can increase immunity and boost good health. 

Hence, companies in the beverage industry should plan on creating products that are more healthy and can give confidence to consumers that their health will improve. Drinks that people prefer these days include — prebiotics, probiotics, meal replacers, and sports drinks, to name a few.

Trend Number 2: Blurring the Lines in Beverage Industry

Competition is pretty high and stiff in the market. Beverage companies are doing everything they can to blur the lines in the industry to make a mark for themselves and catch the broader market. 

Companies into alcoholic drinks are testing the waters by introducing non-alcoholic beverages. Similarly, those companies that are into non-alcoholic beverages are doing everything they can to get into the alcoholic beverage space. 

A classic example of this is PepsiCo. During the summer of 2021, they did announce their plans to collaborate with Boston Beer to create the alcoholic version of the popular drink Mountain Dew. They are planning to name that drink “Hard Mtn Dew.” Both Boston Beer and PepsiCo have recognized brands in the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage space. 

Through this merger, they aim at that space where they did not set their foot yet. On top of it, they want to win over the prevailing competition in the market. Even Coca-Cola did the same in 2020 by launching their alcoholic beverage Topo Chico Hard Seltzer.

Trend Number 3: Beverage Industry is Focusing on Sustainability

These days, customers are not only keen on picking environmental-friendly products but are also very keen on working with those brands that keep sustainability at the forefront. 

Many consumers are questioning and leaving those brands that are not putting any effort into sustainability. Of course, it is time-consuming to alter some practices that are not environmental-friendly in the supply chain segment. Some companies struggle to cope with the customers’ increased demands and prove their commitment to long-term sustainability goals. 

If companies want to strike the right chords with the customers, they must prioritize sustainability. Only then will the customers support the brand. 

Trend Number 4: Craze of Sparkling Water

Sparkling water is one of the beverages people are going crazy after, even though it has been a few years since its launch. There are no signs of slowing down in the market. For many consumers, it is a guilt-free, healthier option. 

One of the main reasons is drinking carbonated water can help you stay hydrated all through the day. You get the same health benefits of drinking spring water when you consume sparkling water—no wonder why people are going crazy to buy this beverage. 

Companies are doing their best to capture the market by adding different components to sparkling water, such as minerals, flavors, and caffeine additives. The best part is that people looking for healthy soda alternatives choose this option over others.

Sparkling water is not a new addition to the beverage industry, but the desire to innovate is a trending sign in the beverage innovation industry. Companies are doing their best to think two steps ahead of the competitors to get ahead in the race. 

These are some of the most popular and prevailing trends in the beverage industry in 2022.


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