3 Ways Plastic Clip Strips Help Retail Merchandisers and Distributors Grow Pro

Plastic Clip Strips

Plastic Clip Strips are a great tool for retailers looking to promote their products. These simple strips can be mounted on a hook or used with adhesive. Using the correct clip strip can increase your sales and boost your profits.


Using clip strips to promote complementary items in a store allows for cross-merchandising. This can increase customer awareness and increase revenue, since shoppers are more likely to purchase items they would not otherwise purchase. Clip strips are available in a variety of colors and printing options, making them a versatile tool for growing your business. You can even create custom strips for specific promotions.

In order to use clip strips successfully, you must first decide on a product that has both impulse appeal and a forecasted sales volume. For instance, seasonal products like Easter confectionery, red wine, and pre-packaged meats may benefit from this method. Other products that can be easily promoted with the use of clip strips include novelty items and new products.

Clip strips are thin strips of plastic or metal with hooks at regular intervals. They are commonly used at retail points of sale, where they help present goods in the field of customers. In addition, they can be imprinted with advertising for brand recognition.

The X Ways Plastic Clip Strips for Merchandisers & Distributors are a cost-effective and flexible packaging solution for retail outlets. These strips are supplied on a reel and can hold varying quantities of packs. The spacing between packs on each strip can be adjusted depending on the bag size and design. In addition, you can add an extended length to each strip for maximum in-store impact.

Adding hair accessories

Adding hair accessories to merchandising strips makes the shopping experience easier for customers. For example, a customer buying a shampoo will see the hair accessories and might decide to buy one or even add it to their shopping basket. The display strips adhere to retail fixtures and help retailers maximize floor and shelf space.

Clip strips are small, thin pieces of plastic or metal with hooks placed at regular intervals. They can serve multiple purposes, including being used as educational tools for customers. They can help retailers educate customers and increase sales.

Clip Strip Corporation offers a variety of metal and plastic strips in various sizes and shapes. Their extensive selection ensures that they will be able to match any display strip to a product. These merchandising strips are also available with hooks, adhesives, and accessories to make merchandising more effective.

Using clip strips to promote a product

Using plastic clip strips for product promotion offers a number of benefits. They are versatile, which allows retailers to place them anywhere in the store. Additionally, they don’t take up shelf space, which allows them to more effectively allocate space to other products. For example, in a liquor store, a wine bottle gift bag could be placed on a clip strip in front of a shelf. This type of cross-merchandising allows retailers to display complementary items and increase revenue.

Depending on the size of the store, clip strips can be made in varying lengths. Counter clip strips, for example, may be one foot shorter than aisle clip strips. They may also be custom printed to add additional branding. You can also choose the length of the clips based on how long you plan to use them and whether you will use them in multiple stores.

Retailers can choose the strips that best match their product’s dimensions. You can choose an adhesive strip if your product is thin and light, while a bottle neck strip will work best for heavier and bulkier products. Similarly, a horizontal strip can be used for products that have a flat bottom. Using plastic clip strips for product promotion is a cost-effective way to increase brand identity.

Clip strips are long, vertically hung strips with hooks that are perfect for holding smaller products. They are a great way to extend a product’s primary placement on the shelf. They are also useful for cross-merchandising, allowing you to place your products next to other products. For example, clip strips can be used to display chips next to salsa and lip balm next to cosmetics.

Plastic clip strips can help you promote a product by increasing impulse purchases. They can be placed near items that entice children, as well as candy and toys. They can even encourage last-minute purchases in the checkout aisle. This type of cross-merchandising can be beneficial to any type of business.


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