12 Beautiful Kerala Jewellery Styles For Your Bridal Trousseau

Kerala Jewellery Styles

It is no wonder why Kerala is called God’s own country. Its splendid beauty, beautiful cultures, and traditions are evidence of it being one of God’s favorite places. Kerala has had a deep affinity for Gold for many years, and it has a significant role in its traditions. Kerala’s beautiful women look even more elegant when they wear stunning traditional jewellery of Kerala.

In this guide, we have listed down the top 7 magnificent jewellery from Kerala that will steal the hearts of all those brides-to-be.

Tiaras/bun clips

Kerala Jewellery Styles

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Christian brides of Kerala wear these luscious and exquisite pieces of jewellery on their D-day. These are passed on to the next generations and hold great importance in the Christian marriage rituals of Kerala. These tiaras or bun clips consist of dainty and expensive diamonds that bring the royalty out of a Kerala Christian bride.

Diamond Bangles

Kerala Jewellery Styles

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The Keralan brides are not limited to diamonds in their tiaras. They also love to wear diamond studded bangles that dazzle their wrist, giving a touch of elegance to their bridal ensemble.

Thadavala and Ottavala


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Keralan brides are uniquely decorated with a row of bangles from wrist to elbow. The Thandavala are the thicker bangles, and the Ottavala are the thin ones. These bangles consist of exquisite stones such as diamonds, pearls, enamels, etc. These jewellery pieces adorn the hands of the brides, giving them splendid beauty.


Kerala Jewellery Styles

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Kerala is one of the most beautiful places in the world and its jewellery styles are even more beautiful (just look at this picture and you’ll know what we’re talking about).

Jadanagam is the traditional Kerala jewellery. Keralan brides and classical dancers wear it to adorn their hair. It is embellished with the Kundan technique, where many rubies, emeralds, amethysts, and rock crystals are engraved in gold. Jadanagam is a widely popular ornament among brides and traditional classic dancers in Kerala.

The Manga Mala

Kerala Jewellery Styles

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Manga Mala is the mango necklace. Traditionally, the Mango tree is symbolic of fertility, prosperity, and love. That is why we see mango in many traditional decorations. Manga Mala has motifs that are mango shaped attached to a gold chain. This necklace represents a paisley theme and is a significant piece of jewellery in Kerala.

The Pulinakha Mala

Kerala Jewellery Styles

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Also known as the tiger claw mala, Pulinakha mala has beads of authentic claws with many hues. The brides in Kerala can wear this mala as a choker or as a longer chain style. Whatever way it is worn, it looks spectacular and gives a regal impression, just like a tiger.


Kerala Jewellery Styles

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Kolusu is the Payal of the Keralan girls and women which they wear on traditional occasions. Women in Kerala wear a silver Kolusu generally, but for wedding purposes, they wear a Kolusu made of gold. The gold anklet is studded with precious stones and is worn by the bride on her d-day. It makes a pleasant sound every time the bride takes a step, accentuating the beauty of her ankles.


Kerala Jewellery Styles

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Vanki is the traditional Bajuband or armlet of Keralan brides. It has excellent patterns and designs engraved on it. Exquisite stones like diamonds, rubies, and emeralds with gold; make it even more dazzling. The Vanki enhances the hands of the bride.

Malarthi Thali

Kerala Jewellery Styles

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The Malarthi thali is symbolic of Mangalsutra that a Kerala Namboothiri bride sports on her neck. It forms a deadly combination when worn with a Kasavu saree. It is a gold chain with a locket in the shape of an upturned leaf. Malarthi Thali is simple and eye-catching with its gold threads and gems.


Kerala Jewellery Styles

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Moonizhamani necklace has three gold chains with a pendant at the center. The locket is in the shape of Mogra or jasmine. This neckpiece is dainty but adds royalty to the bridal ensemble, with the adorable gemstones encrusted on it.

Palakka Bangles

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Palakka bangles are a type of bangles with infinite style designs on them. It has leaf motifs along with the embellishment of lustrous and precious stones. Palakka bangles, along with other bangles, give a royal and elegant look to the bride. They go well when worn with Meenakari jewellery pieces to enhance the bride’s wrist.

Payyannur Pavithra Kettu

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This is a knot-shaped sacred ring that is made of Gold. It is a holy ring that is believed to bring luck to the person who wears it with devotion.


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